Summary of all links

About Annecy (Flash)

This is a great site if you want to discover more about Annecy. It's all in Flash, so you need a plug-in to view it (If you don't know what that is, try to visit the site anyway. It's worth it!)

About Annecy (HTML)

This site give you more information about Annecy and its environment. It's all in basic HTML, like this site, and should be readable by any browser.

Annecy Congress

Annecy Congress is helping us out with the organization of this conference. You will find lots of useful information on the site, for example:

  • Maps,
  • Hotel-information,
  • Photos, ...

Tourist Office

It's actually the same link as "About Annecy (Flash)", but the great design is really worth being seen! (Even if there is some French text in the English version...)

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