Travel in Annecy

Imperial Palace, the congress center, is situated very close to the Center of the town, about 15 minutes by foot. Unless you live far from the center, you won't need to use any other sort of locomotion than your feet. Especially since the environment is really splendid, and the weather normaly is very nice in June.

By Taxi

There is one common number for all the taxis in Annecy. If you want to call for one, the number is:

+33 (0)4 50 45 05 67

By Bus

There is no other infrastructure in Annecy but the bus. During week-days, i.e. Monday to Friday, most buses runs with an interval of about 15 minutes, from 6am to 8pm. Between 8pm and 6am, there are no buses at all.

The price of a journey is 1 Euro if you buy the ticket by the bus-driver, and 0.82 Euro if you buy a block of 8 tickets at the central bus station (next to the train-station) or in a "bureau de tabac" (tobaco and/or newspaper store). You can also by a ticket valid during one week, for the price of 10 Euros.

For any further information, please visit the web site of the local bus company, SIBRA.

By Car

There are many places in Annecy where you can rent a car. For a complete list of the renting companies, go to the page Rent a car.

If you use a car in Annecy, don't forget that you are in a quite Latin country, and the people here drive as in one of those. (French men may be known as gallant, but wait until you see (and hear!) them behind the wheel...)

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